Do You Struggle With Getting Sales From Search?

  • Do you need more keywords that describe what you sell?
  • Tired of the hamster wheel of SEO tasks that get nowhere?
  • Sick of being sold the latest hype?
  • Do you feel like your SEO could be better?
  • Looking for products to expand into?
  • Tired of mixed messages on how to do Etsy SEO?

Will Marmalead Work For Me? 

Yes, if your shop is like any of these, we already have customers like you...

  • Handmade
  • Ready For The Next Level
  • In a Saturated Market
  • Selling OOAK
  • Vintage
  • Getting Started
  • Tiny Shops
  • Supplies
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Huge Shops
  • Ready to do Etsy SEO the right way

If you want more SALES from Etsy Search, then Marmalead IS for YOU.

Pssst... real quick

Before you click the button, let's be real for a minute.

You're here because you're looking for a free trial to Marmalead. That means you probably know at least something about us. That's a good start!

Most trials get used, much like most free guides don't get read. It happens, we get busy with life. Promise me though, please, make the most of this trial.

Learn the tools, watch the videos, attend the Q&A.

You WILL be more successful using Marmalead when you give it a real chance to show you!

Free Trial - 14 Days

PS There's a recorded webinar and demo video below you should definitely check out!

Join Lisa's Marmalead 101 on-demand webinar then go to the Live Q&A for success in YOUR Etsy Shop!

7 Reasons You'll Want To Watch: 

  • Using Keyword Forecasts to maximize being found
  • How to get your products found with real shopper keywords
  • Using your listing grades to better understand opportunities
  • Interpreting MarmaMeters
  • Using Storm for brainstorming
  • Comparison tool for narrowing down keywords
  • Keyword Search tool for deeper research
Free Trial - 14 Days

Say it out loud, "I will make the most of my trial days"

"I am grateful to have such an awesome tool that I can recommend, that I KNOW will help take my clients handmade online shops to the next level."

- Sarah, CEO Flourish at Artisan Indie


Get the highest value keywords for your shop that get your products in front of shoppers.


Market research that gets you ahead so you can do more of the making that you love.


Ensure your listings are setup with best practices to maximize results.


Know how keywords are GOING to perform by looking at over 12 months of performance AND a 3 month forecast.


See how many unique visits a keyword is expected to generate over the next 30 days from real shoppers.


Powerful machine learning behind the scenes studies keywords to put your listings in a better spot for being sold.


The storm delivers a massive list of keyword suggestions. Save the ones you like and clear the ones you don't.


See keyword variations that have been searched by real shoppers.


Average listings get average results. That's why Marmalead now grades your listings with a simple letter grade.

Free Trial - 14 Days

Say it out loud, "I will make the most of my trial days"

Discover how Marmalead has helped makers like you achieve their business dreams

What Makes Marmalead So Different?

It's our pleasure to serve the Etsy community with integrity and the highest quality products on the market. The reason is simple and that’s because Marmalead keeps it simple. Have you heard less is more? That’s what Marmalead stands for. 

Quality is #1
Marmalead is for makers that demand top quality where it matters. We believe that misleading data is worse than no data at all. Every bit of guidance that appears in our application is meticulously reviewed so you never have to worry about whether you should trust it. 

Shops fail all the time...

The internet is a distracting place. There’s a ton of “stuff” to do yet many shops are still failing. Why is that? It’s because they’re chasing down things that don’t matter. Extra features that make you feel good until you realize your shop is getting nowhere fast. Sure, we could fill your screen with charts and numbers until your eyeballs fall onto your keyboard. That wouldn’t help you or your shop anymore than binge watching every episode of Lost.  

So much to do (look at)
Busy is a disaster that’s often incorrectly viewed as a sign of success. It’s not. It’s a death spiral. Marmalead wants to give you time back. Spend less time with Marmalead, not more! A tool should speed things up, not slow you down.

More than just numbers
Marmalead is all about doing the work so you don’t have to. It’s much harder to keep the unnecessary out of view than to show a bunch of charts and numbers! If you're looking for entertainment, binge watch Lost. But our aim is to create and maintain the most accurate and relevant application that will help you do real work.  

Because You're Worth It!
Meaningful guidance is hard. But you deserve meaning guidance becase you're real people with real lives to live and it matters if you succeed! Think about all the click bait you see online. Does that help anyone? Nope. Does it make the publisher a lot of money? Yep. It's wrong, and it's bad for the community.  

Speaking of “We"
Marmalead is a growing team of awesome people that truly care about the success of makers. Customers allow us to support the people that support you. Whether that’s emailing us or listening to our podcast, our team makes sure you get the good stuff for your business. No one can match our level of support or work ethic.  

Protect your shop
If you’re serious about your shop even remotely you should care about protecting it. Protecting your shop is serious business that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You don't want competitors peeping on your shop (it's also a waste of their time really). Your Marmalead and shop data is totally private and will stay that way. 

What's My Investment?

  • Your number one investment in learning anything new is time. 
  • How much are underperforming keywords costing you? 
  • What is your time worth?
  • How much more could you sell if your SEO worked as hard as you? 
  • What's it worth to know your time is being spent well? 
  • How many potential customers aren't seeing your listings?