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You're a serious Etsy seller, so you know the importance of accounting for all the Etsy fees that chip away at your bottom line. Keep track of those fees and know your profit margin with your own personal Etsy fee calculator. Let it crunch those numbers, so you don't have to.


Marmalead's Storm tool lets you create an endless amount of lists, filled with the best performing keywords you can find. Our hashtag generator takes those lists (or any list) and turns them into hashtags for your social media accounts.


A 14-day trial would be nothing without a guide to show you how you should be using Marmalead. Let Kara Buntin show you exactly how she uses Marmalead for SEO & Product Research. After all, that's exactly what it's designed to do!

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We leave the guesswork for the other guys. With Marmalead, you'll find real keywords that buyers are actually using in search, and you'll know exactly how those keywords will perform for your listings.

  • Popular Etsy Tags
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Similar Shopper Searches
  • Keyword Suggestions


Marmalead shows you real data to help you stay ahead of the competition. You'll know just how much competition you're up against and you'll know the price spread for other Etsy products just like yours.

  • Keyword Engagement Levels
  • Keyword Search Forecasting
  • Seasonality & Trending
  • Competition Meters


With Marmalead, you can be confident that your listings are built for success. Real letter grades offer you SEO and Sales Factors that show exactly how well your listings are performing, and where you need to focus more of your attention.

  • Letter Grades for Each Listing
  • SEO Factors & Effectiveness
  • Sales Factors
  • Focus Keyword Engagement
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Marmalead uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of Etsy SEO. Spend less time hoping your listings will be found in search, and more time creating the products you love.

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Why should you choose Marmalead?

Marmalead will change the way you look at your Etsy listings & help increase your sales and productivity at the same time!

Which side of the brain sounds more like Etsy sellers?

Left Brain

Detail Oriented
Focused on Facts
Planned & Orderly
Cautious & Rational


Right Brain

Artistic in Nature
Focused on Creativity
Acts on Intuition
Prefers Creative Storytelling
Adventurous & Risk Taking

Here's the truth...

Typical Etsy sellers tend to be right-brain thinkers. They're creative, passionate about their work, and adventurous. And it's through these qualities that you created your handmade business in the first place.

But when it comes to running a business, you need to access both sides of the brain.

Marmalead unlocks the left side of your brain

Marmalead is an Etsy SEO tool focused on the facts. Over 110,485 entrepreneurs trust Marmalead to unlock the left side of their brain and deliver data that truly matters for their business. We painstakingly test our tools to deliver the most accurate data to our customers. With Marmalead, you'll experience proven results in your business.

We'll help you think of your Etsy listings in a way you never thought possible, unlocking both sides of your brain.

"I am grateful to have such an awesome tool that I can recommend, that I KNOW will help take my clients handmade online shops to the next level."

- Sarah, CEO Flourish at Artisan Indie

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An investment in Marmalead is an investment in success.

  • How much time do you spend researching your Etsy tags?
  • How much money are you losing with underperforming keywords?
  • How many "gurus" are you trusting to give you basic advice?
  • How many hours are you investing in your business?
  • Are you spending your time wisely?
  • How many potential customers aren't seeing your listings? 

We all have good intentions to better ourselves, be it our business, our personal life, or our relationships. But when you register for your own 14-day free trial to Marmalead, you turn those good intentions into a reality. But it's not just enough to take the trial, you need to commit yourself to run a successful business.

Tell yourself this, "I'm committed to making the most of my 14-day trial, and I will use that time to revitalize my Etsy shop by researching effective keywords for my niche."

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