Marmalead grows your sales with real shopper keywords

Marmalead uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of getting found on Etsy.


Powerful (and fun) brainstorming tools help you find the keywords real shoppers are using to find listings like yours.


Discover the details behind keywords to learn real search volume, real keyword engagement, days to ship, market based pricing, and much more.


Once you have winning keywords, it's time to apply them to your listings. Letter grades, SEO, and Sales Factors ensure your listings are built for success.

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Marmalead makes real tools for real entrepreneurs living out real dreams. That's why we're committed to providing only the very best in Etsy SEO. Everything in Marmalead is painstakingly tested to be useful or we don't release it.

Real engagement, and much more


Know how keywords are GOING to perform by looking at over 12 months of performance AND a 3 month forecast.

Real Engagement

See how many unique visits a keyword is expected to generate over the next 30 days from real shoppers.

Long Tail

Powerful machine learning behind the scenes studies keywords to put your listings in a better spot for being sold.

Real Search Volume

See how many searches a keyword is expected to have from real shoppers over the next 30 days.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare search phrase metrics side by side to identify the best ones to focus on to be found in search.

Price Breakpoints

Quickly see if your listings will be considered Bargain, Average, or Premium Priced for a given keyword.

Handmade Mastermind

The Best SEO Keywords

As a multiple seven figure seller, Marmalead is a MUST HAVE tool for me. It keeps me up to date on the best SEO keywords for my Etsy shop. The tools that the entrepreneur plan provides are priceless to my success and to getting ahead of the competition. As a business coach to Etsy sellers, Marmalead is the only tool I recommend for serious sellers who need the very best help in SEO research.

Powerful (and fun) brainstorming tools


The storm delivers a massive list of keyword suggestions. Save the ones you like and clear the ones you don't.

Popular Searches

Know which searches are trending and be first to ride the wave.

Similar Searches

See keyword variations that have been searched by real shoppers.


Boost Your Visibility

As an Etsy Coach for Creatives I have worked with a number of SEO tools, but have found Marmalead to be extremely accurate and very user friendly, especially with those sellers that aren’t quite “tech savvy”. If you are an Etsy seller and want to boost your visibility in search, you must do great keyword research. Using Marmalead to do that research will help you optimize your listings to capture those elusive front page spots. Marmalead offers support and information to Etsy sellers in a far superior way than it’s other competitors, which makes them the perfect fit for my clients. I am grateful to have such an awesome tool that I can recommend, that I KNOW will help take my clients to the next level.

Ensure your listings are built for success

Shop Grades

Average listings get average results. That's why Marmalead now grades your listings with a simple letter grade.

Listing Grades

When you click into a listing, you're going to see details of how it was graded so you know where to improve.

Quick Tips

Get a quick SEO and Sales tip for each of your listings so you can pay attention to the most pressing changes.

Four Letter Word Cards

Proven Results

As someone who runs a business on Etsy, I find Marmalead to be invaluable. Being able to pull up search results, keywords and pricing; it has cut my research time in half. It also helps me assess how to make my business grow and be even more competitive. If you want Etsy to be more than a hobby; Marmalead will help take you to the next level and stay at the top!

For professionals by professionals

Most Recommended

Marmalead is the most recommended Etsy SEO product by leaders in the community. We don't dabble in Etsy, we live in it.


Security is a top priority for us. You've taken great care in building your shop, trust only the best.

Entrepreneur Library

Entrepreneurs are awesome so we're including access to our very special Entrepreneur's Course Library along with your subscription!

Join over 110,485 other Marmapreneurs that trust Marmalead!