Let us introduce you to our team!


Gordon is a Co-Founder of Marmalead and a Marma guru. He was in the corporate software development field before deciding to go the “fresh squeezed” route with Marmalead.

Gordon is from Cleveland Ohio and although he has also lived in Iowa and New Hampshire, he ultimately moved back to Cleveland and he and his family happily call it home. Gordon’s hobbies include slappin' the bass guitar, dreaming up awesome overland adventures, and hanging out with his family!


Richie is a Co-Founder of Marmalead and wearer of many hats! He and Gordon started Marmalead about three years ago and haven’t looked back! Before Marmalead, Richie was in product management and we’re pretty sure he hasn’t found any position as a”peeling” as being one of the founders and fearless leaders of our Marmalead team.

Richie is originally from Cleveland, OH. But these days, you’ll find he and his family living just outside of Charlotte, NC on beautiful Lake Norman. Richie’s hobbies include wake surfing, flying (yep, he’s a pilot!), hanging with his family, and writing awesome, innovative ideas on his trusty flip chart!


Lisa has been a member of the Marmalead team for almost two years! Before Marmalead, her resume was as varied as her stunning array of dad jokes! But she thoroughly enjoys working with the Marmalead Team and loves the community of artists and makers that Marmalead serves.

Lisa was born in Chattanooga TN and has lived in more places than she has fingers and toes (okay, maybe just fingers and opposable thumbs). Her hobbies include taking her RV on awesome adventures, trying out every local brewery she can find (and then trying them again, just to be sure). Also, she plays the cello and ukulele and enjoys busting those out from time to time.


Kevin has been with Marmalead for 3 years (and counting)! He is our international superstar and hails from the island nation of the Philippines.

Kevin’s hobbies include traveling, flying his drone, and judging the quality of all ice cream companies based on how well they make their Cookies’n’Cream flavor. He’s also aways down for a good movie night!


Jade has been a graphic designer for three years. Although she’s done everything from working on a ranch in CO to graduating from Xray school, she’s pretty much always had a designer’s heart. Jade is originally from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but she has a gypsy soul and travels constantly.

Ask Jade what her hobbies are and she’ll likely start telling you stories about designing or writing in a little coffee shop somewhere in a quaint little town she stumbled upon in the middle of some weekend adventure. Or she might tell you about the best cocktail she ever tried on a trip she took to New York that one time. Basically, you’ll get lots of stories that all have a travel theme with a side of food and drink!