In a 2021 study, we found that 50% of Marmalead customers outperform the average Etsy shop's annual revenue by 7 TIMES. ALL Marmalead customers outpeform the average non-Marmalead shop's annual revenue by 4 TIMES on average.

You're on the right track to a solid foundation of Etsy success! You want to reach more of the over 90 million and rapidly growing Etsy shoppers looking for products like yours. Help them find you.


$19 / month (USD)

($15.83 / month paid annually)

  • Brainstorm

    Check out what's trending
    Get a Storm of keyword suggestions
    Similar searches
  • Analyze

    Actual search volume
    Actual engagement
    Use MarmaMeters to find the BEST keywords
    Keyword Seasonality
    Keyword Forecasting
    Compare keywords side by side
    Make sure you are priced to win
  • Apply

    Keep up to date on the best keywords for your shop
    See your listings graded with a simple letter grade
    SEO Factors
    Sales Factors
    Optimize your listings so Etsy shows them to more shoppers
  • For Professionals by Professionals

    The most recommended Etsy SEO product by leaders
    Connect multiple shops for all you Etsy Moguls
    Unlimited access to Entrepreneur's Course Library
    Secure technology supported by full-time professionals
    Superior support and information for Etsy Sellers
  • The Very End, A New Beginning

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Kara Buntin
A Cake To Remember

The Only Tool I Use

I'm a full time online seller with over 50,000 sales on Etsy. I love Marmalead for both keyword research and to get ideas for new products. I've used other tools in the past, but Marmalead is the only one that I use and recommend because it has the information that you need and none of the fluff that makes you feel like you're doing something useful when you're really just wasting your time.